Psychic Energy Readings

Spiritual Healer and Advisor.

Mrs. Ava is a natural born healer,gifted reader and accurate advisor.  With Over 15 years of experience one reading will have you amazed with detailed information and clarity. She is a qualified psychic and spiritualist who  gives accurate readings through her intuition meditations to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction into their destiny and to overcome any interferences that may get into their way. What ever situation you are going through Mrs. Ava will guide you to the solution. 

Tarot cards

•Past, Present , & Future •Love, Luck, & Career •Full Life •Past Life Tarot readings advise on all matters of life and answers all your personal questions.

Aura & Chakra reading

Discover your colors of your aura and gain understanding of the energy you give off and receive. Your chakras energies are read to keep them balanced and aligned.

Palm reading

Basic Characteristic Reading. Revealing insights about yourself.

Crystal Energy Readings

Crystal energy readings can reveal dates, names, timings and other detailed information about your present and your future.

Meditation sessions

• Chakra • Mindfulness • Zen • More sessions upon request

• Chakra Alignment

• Aura Cleanse

• Reunite Lovers

• Healing Candles

•  Purity Cleanse

• Clairty Oils

• Smudging &  Feng shui


For information regarding any the above services please call Mrs. Ava directly for complete guidance.